Eat out for less

Real-time deals for restaurants near you.

Eat out for up to 60% less

Sometimes restaurants are busy... Sometimes they’re not. When they're not, we give them access to smart people like you who don't want to pay full price.

Intelligent deals

Our algorithms factor in your location and taste preferences so that you only receive the most relevant deals. Waffle gets to know you better overtime.

Facebook Messenger

Waffle was built on and lives in Facebook messenger. So just think of it as one of your friends.

Pitch@Palace 9.0 People's Choice Award Winner

Waffle was chosen by public vote to be awarded the People's Choice Award at St. James' Palace.

We support the homeless

We're working to support young homeless people in Brighton. So for every offer you take with Waffle, you're contributing towards a meal for someone in need.